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in3D Geoscience provides geophysical consulting services for the exploration industry. We process and analyse ground or airborne geophysical data and use 2D/3D modelling and visualization techniques to further interpretations. Unified data compilations consisting of geophysical data, geology and geochemical data are a key focus for working with our clients.

We focus our expertise on ground and airborne geophysical data for the following surveys:


Exploration is a complex and multidisciplinary process. Your goal is exploration. Our goal is helping you explore. We strive to maximize client’s ability to integrate, visualize, interpret and extract value from their exploration data in3D.

A brief summary of our services includes:

  • geophysical survey design and pre-survey modelling where applicable
  • contract negotiations (survey design, data quality, deliverables and accountability)
  • data compilation, processing and visualization (2D & 3D)
  • historical data organization, compilation and re-interpretation
  • geophysical data modelling & 2D/3D inversion: Magnetics, Gravity, and IP/Resistivity
  • inversion modelling via MGinv3D and Geosoft VOXI
  • EM plate modelling in Maxwell
  • data interpretation
  • drill program targeting
  • reporting
  • program management of both ground and airborne geophysical surveys

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